Residential garden

The gardens we create are custom-designed with experience and sensitivity: discussions with the client, the photographic surveys of the area, the analysis of the soil and the environment, this allow us to design the ideal solution.
We have advanced equipment, machines and men highly qualified to create oases with lawns, trees, bushes, shrubs, fruit plants, vines and aquatic, ideal for creating small lakes and ponds, driveways and parking areas, play or relax aereas.
We are also able to keep these "wonders", thanks to a perfect support and maintenance services.

The origins of the Radaelli Floriculture date back to the late nineteenth century, when Luigi Radaelli became head gardener at the Villa of the Princes Trivulzio.
The tradition was continued by Stefano, founder of Radaelli Stefano and Sons, who in turnhanded down the passion for this work to his sons Antonio, Erminio and Giuseppe.
With the joining the company of Egle and Sergio, respectively sons of Antonio and Giuseppe, we come to the fourth generation of a great tradition of nursery more and more projected into the future.