Corporate Garden

Radaelli is a reliable partner for public and private companies. We are specialized in creating green spaces that enrich and enhance offices, commercial and industrial areas, in which the colors of flowers and plants blend in the architectural details, to harmonize perfectly with its surroundings, making itself more harmonious. Our company is also involved in the regeneration of turf and lawns exploited to the soccer fields, villas and racetracks with the German system "Novaplant", the result of the experience and the quality of Eurogreen Grun-Systeme products.

The origins of the Radaelli Floriculture date back to the late nineteenth century, when Luigi Radaelli became head gardener at the Villa of the Princes Trivulzio.
The tradition was continued by Stefano, founder of Radaelli Stefano and Sons, who in turnhanded down the passion for this work to his sons Antonio, Erminio and Giuseppe.
With the joining the company of Egle and Sergio, respectively sons of Antonio and Giuseppe, we come to the fourth generation of a great tradition of nursery more and more projected into the future.